Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Shop My Stuff | Instagram Shopping

Ever shopped on Instagram? I shop on "Insta" all the time... If you aren't familiar with this, I shall explain. There is a whole community of shops that sell on Instagram. You can find new and gently used items from clothing to home decor for GREAT PRICES. 

How can you buy off of Instagram? That confused me at first as well, but it easier than your normal online shopping. A shop will announce an upcoming post (selling time) and what kind of things will be sold. When it comes time to sell (as announced) the seller will post one item at-a-time just like you would normally post a Instagram picture. Each picture will have details about the item and price. The fun part is coming this... the first person/commenter to leave their Paypal e-mail gets the item. In a case where the person doesn't want it, or didn't pay for the item (there is a certain amount of time a payment is expected) it goes to the next commenter in line. So the only thing you have to do is have your Paypal ready and up-to-date. I didn't realize my Paypal had an old address on it and a package was sent to my old address! The seller will send an invoice to your Paypal and you will pay by logging in to your Paypal account and paying through the sent invoice. I hope I am making sense. 

Now, the exciting news.

I now have an Instagram shop! My first post is tonight (April 16) and it is a small collection of gently used women's clothing. I will be selling many things on there, but decided to start small for the my first post. So make sure you are following me on Instagram! By following me you can also see some of the other shops I follow!

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