Monday, April 28, 2014

Husband Does My Makeup

Caleb and I filmed the "Boyfriend Does My Makeup" tag. Of course this would be the husband edition. Make sure to watch the video, and here are some close-ups of the makeup look, "Terrific Tuesday Tonight".


I have so say, from a distance it looks pretty good! These photos are unedited. I think my camera must have a setting that makes your skin perfect. My skin looks great here and you can't see the crazy foundation work Caleb did. Hmmm..

OOTD with the new makeup look.

I actually liked the color combo on my eyes. As funny as it is, I am going to try it myself! 
You can see the foundation/concealor work from Caleb more in the photos.

That eyeliner though. 

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  1. Minus the liner I'm pretty impressed! haha