Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter | Resurrection Day

Here is a little taste of Easter with the Byrds. 

She was definitely interested in the colorful round things randomly on the grass. She would place them in the basket when told, but had plans of her own. Scarlett made a run for it and had us chase her the whole time. The child is definitely the outdoors type. She enjoyed the eggs indoors, shaking them and finding candy inside. 

Scarlett's outfit: 
Bunny Shirt: Target
Leggings: Target
Bow: Forever21
Sandals: Salt Water Sandals in brown. (Got hers from Amazon for half the price.)

Cardigan: H&M 
Tank: Forever21
Pants: Express
Shoes: Target

Being the only grandchild she did receive a lot of Easter goodies. That's fine with Caleb and I.... more for us to eat when she goes to bed. 

Easter Sunday or resurrection day was wonderful. Scarlett wore the dress that has been hanging in her room since she was born. It was given to us from someone that had a Scarlett as well and passed to us. Of course we had a wonderful time with our church family. The weather was perfect and we dyed Easter eggs after our lunch and nap. My mother-in-law was able to stay with us for the Easter weekend so I got to physically and mentally relax from motherly duties. Very nice. 

Her shoes and bow: Target 

Tired toddler.

 The husband and myself.

I didn't really own an "Easter" dress, but I recently bought this one (Forever21), and it sufficed. It's probably nothing to a lot of people, but this outfit is definitely out of my comfort zone in a few ways. One, it's a dress. Two, I'm not wearing black. I am pretty sure I had a dress like this in the 90's. It is a slight oversized/baggy dress, but I used the belt too look more "put together" for such an important day. You can barely see in the photo, but the dress has light anchors all over it. I paired it with my tan ankle booties from Target (which I have been loving), and gold rings from H&M. Then there is my dashing husband and his bow tie. Love it. 


She loved dying the eggs so very much! 

Thank you all for taking the time to read my posts! Every view and comment makes my heart warm! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter! Now, time to work out a little harder so I can eat the rest of this Easter candy. 

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  1. Very nice post. Your baby's eyes are so pretty! I have two blog also. If you have time to check it out. It would be amazing!!!