Friday, January 31, 2014

Senior Photos | Katelin

Here are a few photos I have been working on for my sister. I can't believe I was taking her senior pictures... She is suppose to be little and fighting with me, right? It wasn't hard to capture or edit these photos because she made them beautiful naturally. I love you Katelin! (I call her "KK".) We had a little fun, as you will see towards the end. KK and I share an odd/dry sense of humor. Enjoy. 


 I might have to steal that sweater from her. 

 "When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls." -Ted Grant 

Just being casual. 
FACT: I have a picture from my senior year with a horse head. (She had no idea until I told her). What does that say about us?

The items she always has during school: iPhone, aviators, and a Starbucks beverage. Starbucks is more significant to us than a typical posed coffee picture. When I lived at home mom trusted me to take katelin to school. We were always late because of our stops at Starbucks with no intention of attending math on time. (Yes, coffee shop hang outs. Before it was cool.) When we purchased Rock Band we didn't even make it to school. Hopefully mom isn't going to read this. 


Had to incorporate KK's shoes. She always has tons of really cool and unique kicks. 

After the photo shoot we decided to ride around town. Needless to say, we created some fun memories horsing around.... Horse-playing... I'll stop there, but you know it had to be done. 

 Behind the scenes. 

Katelin's plans are to graduate from AirForce ROTC. She wants to major in criminal justice to pursue her 20 year career in the AirForce. We will be taking more photos when the weather is warmer. So yes... Another blog post about KK. You will learn things like: how she can play every sport known to man. (I can only play tennis. On the Wii.) Don't let her beauty fool you. 

I love you KK! 

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