Thursday, October 3, 2013

Scarlett's First Birthday Party

Here are pictures from Scarlett's 1st birthday party! I tried to decorate for as cheap as possible.. which means a lot of DIY-ing. Hopefully you can use some of these ideas! 

or buy them on my Etsy shop:

(I bought the middle bunting banner online from Oriental Trading.)

Polariod Banner Instructions: 

 I exported my Instagram pictures to my computer. 

I then placed the pictures on a pre-made template (using Pages or Microsoft Word), and cut them out. Add some string and clothes pins...magic.

I bought two of these small banners online from Oriental Trading. 
The other one was used as a cake topper. The pack was $2.49!

To make this "1" I simply drew a one on cardboard and cut it out. 
I covered it with rubber cement and made a mess with glitter. Do this outside. 
I used a plate stand for the "1".

To make these gold dots I used the same process as I did when making the "1". 
The only difference is I hot glued them to the string. 

TIP: Glue the string towards the top of the circles so they do not flip over. 
I had to tape mine to the fence.

Casualties are expected.


Lost is the presents.

Cake is from Kroger ($10) and the candle is from Target ($1.99).

Cake stand was on clearance at Target for $4! 

Scarlett's dress is from Target ($12) and her headband is Giddy Up & Grow.

Scarlett's eyes are from her daddy. 

For the cupcake toppers I found these for FREE online (Peppa Pig).
I printed the Peppa circles, cut them out (as best I could), and hot glued them to the sucker sticks I found at Wal*Mart. 

Hot glue is the new Duct Tape. 

I bought all my blue tinted mason jars from Target at $10.99 for a pack out 6.
 (Kroger has them around $8.99). 
I purchased the paper straws in Target's party sections for around $1.99.

Run Through the Wild & Sing,

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  1. Scarlett’s first Birthday Party was just fantastic my dear. I am such a huge party freak. At domestic event Venues in NYC I usually organize loads of family parties on different occasions. This year’s New Year party was so amazing and now I am planning to host under the sea party for my daughter’s upcoming birthday.