Monday, September 9, 2013

Scarlett's Invitations | DIY

Here are Scarlett's invitations! I wish I could have shown you the envelope designs, but you would be able to see addresses, sorry. I made her invites so easily. The most annoying part was the glitter, but it really wasn't terrible. I bought the cards and matching envelopes at my local Michael's Art Supply. I purchased the glitter and string there as well. I simply designed my print on my Mac, then printed (duh).  Used cement glue (which left some spots on the other side of the envelopes even though it was clear drying) for the glitter. I brushed across the edge of the envelope (with the brush provided in the glue) to create the triangle. Sprinkled glitter, and let dry! Done.

Scarlett and daddy mailing her invitations. 

«« TIP »»

Try to buy the envelopes big enough for the sides of the strings to fit inside.
 If the strings won't allow for your card to fit, then tie them vertically. Still Cute. 

Run Through The Wild And Sing,


  1. this is so beautiful. i have a macbook air. can i design print on this as well?

    1. Yeah! I just did it with the Pages application. I just edited the paper size to the size of my envelopes.

  2. What is this kind of paper called and can you print on this paper?