Monday, September 23, 2013

It's Ready

My Etsy Shop is up! After much debate I decided to finally open my shop. I am starting with just a few handmade items and seeing how it goes. I had it ready for awhile, but was nervous about pushing the activate button that haunted me. I did it! So check it out, Pin something, and tell your friends.

Click here to go to my shop.

Run Through The Wild & Sing,

Monday, September 9, 2013

Scarlett's Invitations | DIY

Here are Scarlett's invitations! I wish I could have shown you the envelope designs, but you would be able to see addresses, sorry. I made her invites so easily. The most annoying part was the glitter, but it really wasn't terrible. I bought the cards and matching envelopes at my local Michael's Art Supply. I purchased the glitter and string there as well. I simply designed my print on my Mac, then printed (duh).  Used cement glue (which left some spots on the other side of the envelopes even though it was clear drying) for the glitter. I brushed across the edge of the envelope (with the brush provided in the glue) to create the triangle. Sprinkled glitter, and let dry! Done.

Scarlett and daddy mailing her invitations. 

«« TIP »»

Try to buy the envelopes big enough for the sides of the strings to fit inside.
 If the strings won't allow for your card to fit, then tie them vertically. Still Cute. 

Run Through The Wild And Sing,

Friday, September 6, 2013

Before and After » Pond's BB+ Cream

Here are some before and after photos using the NEW Pond's BB+ Cream. This BB+ Cream claims to help even skin tone in two weeks. I have been using it close to two months now. I can definitely say that my skin has an overall more even complexion. Pond's is an older and well trusted brand. They live up to their name with this new product! GREAT JOB POND'S!

APPLICATION & COVERAGE »» I have hormonal breakouts and acne scars, so I tend to gravitate towards heavier foundations (Laura Mercier's Silk Cream foundation or Estee Lauder's Double Wear to be exact..), but I am loving this BB Cream! It evens out your skin so that a good concealer will be all you need. In fact, I found I didn't need as much concealer by putting this on first. I recommend the Collection 2000 concealer (Sorry America, you will have to order this online), or Mac's Studio Sculpt concealer. Sometimes I use my foundation as a concealer. The consistency of the BB cream glides on nicely and isn't too thick or too light. I found that using my finger tips was the best way to apply this formula. I don't feel like I am wearing makeup throughout the day!

** NONE of these photos have any editing or filters.**

Click here to order the Pond's BB+ Cream online!

This is the colors medium (left) and light (right). I mixed these two shades to achieve my perfect match.

Easy to blend.



AFTER (1 layer)

AFTER (1 layer)

Packaging is nice! 

Run through the wild and sing,

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

DIY » easy tassel garland

   How to make a tassel garland.  

Things you will need:

1. Scissors
2. Your string of choice.
3.Tissue Paper (Mine is from the Dollar Tree. I wanted specific colors, and found them all there... even gold!)
3. Clear/Invisible masking tape. 

Step 1:

Fold tissue paper in half, making a rectangle.

Step 2: 

Cut the side so that you now have two rectangular sheets.

Step 3:

Fold those two sheets in half (again) to create a more square shape.

Step 4:

Start cutting thin strips toward the fold. 
The strips should be about 1/2 inch, no need for perfection here.

Cut them close to the top, but not all the way. Cutting them close to the top creates a taller tassel. 


 Did I mention this glitter tissue paper is amazing? Only $1 for 20 sheets at the Dollar Tree.

Step 5: 

Separate the two sheets. Careful now.

Step 6:

Open each sheet then fold the sheets like so...

 «TIP »
After each fold brush through the tassel/strips so you don't end up with a 
jumbled mess at the end.

This is the piece laid out before any folding action has begun. 
(Sorry the photo is turned the wrong way.)

Fold in half.

Fold in half, again. 
(Photo is turned the wrong way.)

And again.

One last time... 
until it is about the size one strip.

Then fold at the center. 
Just when you thought there was no more folding.


Place the flat folded area over your string. 
However long you want the garland is how long you need to make your string. Remember to leave room on the ends for hanging. I hung my pre-measured string with tape and began to place my tassels on it.

Step 7: Tape the tassel 
(Do not tape it to the string. This will allow you to move the tassels around if needed). 

« TIP »
Place ALL your tassels on the string BEFORE taping them. This will allow you to see if you are happy with your color choices, patterns, or if you need more tassels. I was able to design my color pattern this way. I also decided to add more tassels. Glad I didn't tape it down.


This is before I taped them all down. 
 I decided to add more tassels. 

Step 8: 

Make sure to have a cute little helper. 

Now, for more tassels. 

Ahhh.... That's much better.

Here is the specific string I used. It's called Sugar 'n and Creme. 
I really like the design. 
You can find it at Micheal's Art Supply.

I easily moved the garland to a different area for any last touches
and for storage until the party. 

Another thing, make sure you have a non sticky snack handy.

Run through the wild and sing,