Monday, January 14, 2013

3 Months & Counting...

I can't believe she growing up so fast. Last night I was looking at her hospital pictures and couldn't believe how small she was....Goodness! Scarlett's accomplishments this month are pretty outstanding. She is reaching for her feet while laying down, but she can't hold them yet. She sucks her thumb while going to sleep. Keeping her hands/toy/blanket in her mouth while awake. She makes short little sounds...I am waiting for the long stretch of noises and laughter! With her eyes she can follow mommy and daddy when they leave the room (that makes it so hard to leave). She goes to bed around 7pm and sleeps ALL night. During the day she is awake 1-2 hours then takes a 30-45min nap. The Bumbo and Peppa Pig is our friend. Of course she can do a lot more, but those are some milestones that we have reached. As for mommy milestones, the list is shorter. I did let my mom keep her for an ENTIRE day while Caleb and I went to eat and shop! That's right, an entire day. That was HUGE for me. I also became a sickly mommy, but still managed to take care of her (she didn't get sick). Breastfeeding is so much easier now, I don't even think about it. 
I love every single moment of this amazing job. My favorite moment so far is at night. Scarlett and I say our bedtime prayers. God has really blessed our little family and I am so excited that my children (speaking about future children there) are my mission. I have to remind myself I am giving birth to unbelievers, and to show her how a women of faith lives. 

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