Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 Goals

My goals for 2013: 
(I haven't thought about these until right now, so let us see what happens...)

1. Start studying scripture on a more "John MacArthur" commentary level, but in chronological order. My husband and I are thinking about buying his New Testament commentaries this year. If you're thinking, "why is she just thinking about it and not just buying it". Well, check the price on that thing. WHEW! $500, but worth it. Bad Allisen knows that could buy a lot of Lush bath bombs, Laura Mercier makeup, and some TopShop clothes too. I have the Bible in Greek/Hebrew so I am working on that as well (you try reading backwards in another language). If I keep writing on that subject we will be here until 2014. Moving on....
2. Make YouTube videos more consistently. I am now a YouTube Partner (YAY) so I really want to get back into the groove. I have so many ideas for videos and I know exactly what I need to do, but I just get a bit lazy (let's be honest here). I am a SCAD (Savannah School of Creative Careers) student, but you wouldn't be able to tell by my lame videos. I do have a camera picked out for videos, and to use as a nice family camera as well. That will really help due to my other camera breaking. Don't worry, I do not plan to become a photographer like everyone else and their mom. I was going for a DSLR type, but I am really going to take a risk with a Sony NEX-5N (AKA: A poor man's Lecia M9). I will be getting the attachable Canon ring to interchange Canon lenses. Snore, number 3...

In case you were getting bored, here is a picture.

3. Breastfeed for no less than 1 YEAR. So that means I need to make it until September 28th! I can do it!
4. Get healthy and fit! (Of course, like everyone else.) I am doing the Color Run (5k) in Atlanta this year. FUN!
5. Really develop some relationships I have made here in my area. Being young and married really separates you from non-married friends. On top of that, I now have a that really separates me even more. (You married mommies understand, right?) I have met some women around my age with babies, but I really need to work on strengthening those relationships. It is so easy to just sit and home and stare at my beautiful child all day.

I am sure I could think of some more, but ehhh.... How can I really set goals when I don't know what the future holds. I might have some goals I didn't know I was going to achieve.

Run through the woods and sing loud,


  1. I'm a married 'step-mommy,' does that count?!
    It is so much better to sit at home and play with the childrens than to go out a party. Agreed in that area.

    1. It is so much better! With Scarlett, getting ready is a chore on its on, so sometimes I prefer just to stay home. I need to not do that. And of course that counts. :)