Friday, December 13, 2013


Here is a very small OOTD just for my blog. Usually these are always for my YouTube, but I decided to show my blog some love. Now, there aren't a lot of photos and the ones we do have aren't great... I guess that isn't a successful start to my first blog OOTD (but it is a start). It was dark, camera wasn't focusing, cold, and Scarlett was mad... So here ya go. 

Here is my awkward picture and you can't see my boots. The rainboots and shorts are from Target, the fitted black shirt is from GAP, and the vest is Armani Exchange that I thrifted (woot woot!). 

I bought these mid-finger/knuckle rings from eBay. 

Let's just pretend I didn't take a selfie... 
For my makeup, I will go over the basics. I used my Wet&Wild Comfort Zone eye shadow pallet, Forever21's liquid eyeliner, Laura Mercier Silk Cream Foundation, and contoured with a mix of bronzers. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas Card Photos

Here are some pictures I took specifically for our Christmas card. None of them are quite Christmas-y, or anything that I planned or tried to do. Scarlett was sick and had an ear infection this week, so we just got whatever pictures we could. Love you all and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. 

I think I will be using the B&W photo of Scarlett for our Christmas card. 
What do you think?

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Scarlett's First Birthday Party

Here are pictures from Scarlett's 1st birthday party! I tried to decorate for as cheap as possible.. which means a lot of DIY-ing. Hopefully you can use some of these ideas! 

or buy them on my Etsy shop:

(I bought the middle bunting banner online from Oriental Trading.)

Polariod Banner Instructions: 

 I exported my Instagram pictures to my computer. 

I then placed the pictures on a pre-made template (using Pages or Microsoft Word), and cut them out. Add some string and clothes pins...magic.

I bought two of these small banners online from Oriental Trading. 
The other one was used as a cake topper. The pack was $2.49!

To make this "1" I simply drew a one on cardboard and cut it out. 
I covered it with rubber cement and made a mess with glitter. Do this outside. 
I used a plate stand for the "1".

To make these gold dots I used the same process as I did when making the "1". 
The only difference is I hot glued them to the string. 

TIP: Glue the string towards the top of the circles so they do not flip over. 
I had to tape mine to the fence.

Casualties are expected.


Lost is the presents.

Cake is from Kroger ($10) and the candle is from Target ($1.99).

Cake stand was on clearance at Target for $4! 

Scarlett's dress is from Target ($12) and her headband is Giddy Up & Grow.

Scarlett's eyes are from her daddy. 

For the cupcake toppers I found these for FREE online (Peppa Pig).
I printed the Peppa circles, cut them out (as best I could), and hot glued them to the sucker sticks I found at Wal*Mart. 

Hot glue is the new Duct Tape. 

I bought all my blue tinted mason jars from Target at $10.99 for a pack out 6.
 (Kroger has them around $8.99). 
I purchased the paper straws in Target's party sections for around $1.99.

Run Through the Wild & Sing,