Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dining With Fall

If you keep up with me on my this blog, YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter (pretty much any social networking site) you already know that I am forcing fall to happen. This post is about how I forced fall to happen at our dining table. Our (my husband also helped me do this) fall dining decor was quite cheap! I will break down the items by price and where I bought them. Enjoy and get ready for the fall!

Let's start with the oh-so-amazing table cloth. Surprisingly, I found this baby in the fall/thanksgiving isle of my local Wal-Mart. Its colors are warm and soothing. Personally, I would use this table cloth all year!$13.97

The off white plates are absolutely beautiful. Like the table cloth, I would definitely use these at anytime of the year. I found these dinner plates at Wal-Mart. The coordinating bowls and coffee cups are also available to buy. 
$2.98 per plate

 Once again, this flower and basket combo was found at Wal-Mart. They are called "Mum in a Basket", which we thought was funny. If you are from the UK and a few other places you probably understand why... I had planned to cut the flowers out and put them in a jar. When I placed them on the table with everything else my eyes enjoyed the woven basket. 

 The coasters seen on the table are ones that I have owned previously. Luckily they are still available for purchase and place mats to coordinate. These are from the lovely store called IKEA. Who doesn't love IKEA?
$.99 per 4 pack. 
(This price could be different now.)

The dainty espresso/tea cups with matching saucers were something I already owned as well. I had not planned on using them until I returned home and found them lonely in the cupboard. Their colors are perfect with the table cloth! I purchased these awhile back from World Market. There were coffee cups in the normal dish isle at Wal-Mart that were these same colors. No worries if you don't have these! T.J.Maxx would also be another place to find something similar. 
$6.99 per 5 pack.

*The only other thing you will need for this look is a candle. Not just any candle, but a fall candle! The one on our table now (also in the picture above) is Glade's Maple Pumpkin Candle. It is my favorite for this fall.*


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