Friday, September 7, 2012

Cheap Lip Products | Review

Here are a few lip products I have collected. None of these are high end brands and can be found in local shops. I have not listed the prices because the prices change slightly depending on sales and location. Remember to check out my YouTube channel to see a video of these products (User name: allisenw89). Hope you all enjoy! 

This was featured in my most worn summer things tag video (that's a mouth full). It is Revlon's Nude Attitude. It is the perfect nude shade, but quite drying. I usually wear my Carmex under this to make my lips not a desert. It is a matte finish which is probably why it has a dry-like texture.

As mentioned above.... here is the best lip product your precious lips could ask for, Carmex!
Here is my staple for the fall, Revlon's Iced Mocha! You can mix it with other pink or red toned lipsticks to make the perfect raspberry colors. Yay, no buying more lipsticks just for the color... create your own!

This is the most cheap and best lipstick ever! This lipstick can be found at places like the Dollar Tree or Dollar General. This particular brand is $1 for the lipstick. It also comes with a coordinating lip liner. Yes, only for $1. The lip liner works amazingly, the lipstick is long-lasting and nourishing! This is a perfect mix with Revlon's Iced Mocha to create the raspberry lip that is seen everywhere for this fall. 

This lipstick is just beautiful. It's a great "date night" color. It's perfect for my normal grudge fall look....while drinking my salted caramel hot chocolate from Starbucks. Can you tell I love the fall?

I am not sure why me and this lip product hate each other, but we do. It's an older lipstick, and every time I try to show it love it always hates me. The color is wrong for me and it feels so odd on my lips. Its name is definitely fitting. It looks like ginger and feels like fizz. Yeah, it's called Ginger Fizz. Not worth money even though it is only a drug store product.

I am sure everyone knows what this is.... the amazing Lip Butters by Revlon. There is a reason all the beauty Youtubers love this stuff. It just loves you back (unlike ole ginger fizz above). It feels like a chap stick, but has the color pigments of a lipstick. Wonderful. Genius. Thank you Revlon! This particular color is called Strawberry Shortcake. It is really pretty with almost any makeup look and/or outfit. 

Now let's throw in some lip gloss. This lip gloss is sold by Mark. (yes, I do sell it). This is attached to a mascara and is awesome for traveling. To be a lip gloss it is not sticky, and has a slight tint of pink. I really enjoy this product even though I am not into lip gloss. When you run out of this gloss you can order more (in different colors) to reattach. ( This Glow Baby Glow gloss is in the color Pink Crush. 

 This is a cheap product, but not found in a normal drug or grocery store. These lip glosses can be bought at Express Clothing Stores. If you have shopped at Express any time in the past 10 years you are probably familiar with these glosses. I am not a gloss fan, but these are not so bad. They really don't have any pigment so they are great for adding shine to a matte finished lip. The also smell wonderfully. This particular one makes me want a cupcake! (The name of this gloss was ripped off, sorry!)

Here are some swatches to see the colors. I forgot to swatch Revlon's Nude Attitude. It's about the same color as my hand so you're not missing much. The Express gloss was also not swatched because it has no pigment. 

Hope you all enjoyed this post! 


Allisen Byrd 

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