Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pregnancy Update

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Few Of Our Favorite Things

To compliment this awesome piece we are on the search for the perfect tutu. You can't deny that level of cuteness. $4 at The Children's Place.
We adored this shirt. I was confident buying this because I know she will love her daddy. It came with a similar designed onsie that reads "(Mommy) loves me." Caleb pointed out that they are accurate. She will love daddy (not me), and I will love her. Haha. I am not sure of the exact price for this 4-piece coordinating onsie set, but I do know it was around 60%-70% off.
This my splurge. I just couldn't leave without it! Mob pink and a kitty = purrfect. (Sorry for the cheesy cat joke. I am one of those crazy cat ladies.) This was also on sale at 60%-70& off! The back picture is a sneak peak/idea of what style to expect from our finished nursery. 

Allisen & Baby Byrd 

17 Weeks To Go

I can't believe I am 23 weeks!!! I have stopped counting the weeks and starting counting down to the due date (September 30). So... 17 weeks to go! She is very active and so am I. I have been stepping up on my exercises which really help me feel better. It relieves some of the back pain I experience later in the day. The best moment this week was finally going to some local Children's stores (with money) to buy clothes. We bought a good amount from Carters and The Children's Place. It the best time to stock up on her winter clothes because they are so cheap. When I say cheap, I do mean cheap. I bought winter socks, tights, shirts, and onsies for $1.99 a piece at The Children's Place! I need to take a minute to brag on the daddy-to-be, Caleb. I couldn't be more proud. He is such a wonderful, Godly, and loving husband. He enjoys being apart of this journey and even loves to pick out clothes for her own his own. He is going to be a outstanding father. I am so excited that another young lady will get to experience Caleb's love through Christ. Caleb is definitely going to be her first love. He can't wait to take her to ballets at the Atlanta's Fox Theatre and other father daughter dates. Gosh, as I am writing this I stand amazed at the fact that I can call Caleb my husband and father of my children. What did I do to deserve this? I have a hard enough time grasping how much I do not deserve Christ love. I can't even grasp his holiness...only the sanctification process has really helped me understand that. Some things I really look forward to are baby showers and seeing family in North Carolina. It is going to be so delightful! Anyhow, I am going to post pictures of some favorite clothes Caleb and I bought this week. Be on the look out for those pictures! 

Allisen & Baby Byrd 
(We are close to deciding on the name.)