Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We are having a.......?

It's been awhile, I know. I am in the middle of filming lots of videos and editing them. I have started a new job, moved, and I am pregnant. After a month of anticipation and counting down days we went to the doctor to have our 20 week checkup and gender determination. We were over-the-top excited and I planned a whole day of filming, which I successfully did. But before I go on, let me mention my doctors office is not on the great side... To make a really LONG story really SHORT, Baby Byrd's legs were crossed and the ol' doc couldn't see a thing. I know this is NOT the doctors fault, but he didn't even try to get the baby to move. "The legs are folded, looks like we will have to check again in a month", he carelessly stated. After that point I didn't hear one word he said.... I was so devastated. That is quite selfish because I now realize I need to appreciate the fact that I have a perfectly healthy baby at this point! Some other things he did say about Baby Byrd was that he or she was a petite baby (I didn't think it had a choice by looking at the parents), and that he was leaning towards it being a girl. He threw his personal percentage at 60% girl... I could have said that. I just have not had a great time with this office (along with many women in my area), so this visit just didn't help. Either way I put a smile on my face and walked out of the office. Naturally, I went home and started googling (Can I use that as a verb?). I googled 2D and 3D ultrasound facilities that are specifically there for gender determination or "fun ultrasounds" as some women call them. You do pay out of pocket for these packages, but it is worth it. These places will work with you to get the baby to move and if you just can't see the gender then you come back for free until you have gender determining success! I did find one near me, and I did make an appointment. (Did I mention my doctor's office does not have ultrasound technicians on staff...yeah.) So obviously, we (my husband and I) just could not wait a month. Now I bet you are wondering when I will be going.... well it may be sooner (WAY sooner) than you think!


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