Sunday, April 29, 2012

DIY - Fringe Summer Scarf

Fringe + Summer Scarf = Perfect Accessory for this Spring and Summer
This DIY is short, sweet, and simple. All you need is:

1. Old Shirt
2. Scissors

*I find that the bigger the shirt + a light material is PERFECT!*

Here is mine that I made from an old light-material tank top....

1. Cut right under the arm holes. (Which will make this an infinite scarf!)
2. Cut stripes (fringe) across the side you cut. (So don't worry about cutting a straight line.)
3.Pull each fringe as much as you want until you reach the desired "fringe" look. (Once again, no need to cut the stripes perfectly.)
4.Wear... and look smashing dahling. ;) 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just Thinking

Marriage is the capstone of the family, the building block of human civilization. A society that does not honor and protect marriage undermines its very existence. Why? Because one of God’s designs for marriage is to show the next generation how a husband and wife demonstrate reciprocal, sacrificial love toward each other.
- John MacArthur

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Maternity Style

I found this photo on Pinterest and it really inspired me to be creative with my own clothing. I do not want to waste money on a lot maternity things unless it's needed. I am going to find a few outfits online (like this one) and re-create the look with my own clothing. I find that maternity clothes are not my style. When you are pregnant you want to do anything and everything to feel beautiful and yourself. I want the outfits to be ones I will wear pregnant and not pregnant! Be on the look out for this new video.

Allisen Byrd

Friday, April 6, 2012

Baby Doctor Update

This morning we finally went to our baby's doctor for the 2nd appointment! It was cancelled last week, so I couldn't wait for this appointment. It very short, sweet, and simple. Loved it. I just want to know that the baby is alive and kicking (literally, the baby is moving around now). The doctor used a fetal heart doppler so we could all hear Baby Byrd's beautiful heart. The doctor we had seemed rushed and didn't tell me the heart rate. Oh well.... But the heart was very VERY strong and quite active. The doctor said we will need to get some tennis shoes for him/her asap, haha. My next appointment is on May 15th! We will find out the gender at this appointment. Although, I am considering doing a 3D ultrasound to reveal the gender. If we were to choose the 3D package we could find out in about 2-3 weeks! I can't believe I will be 4 months pregnant in a week and 2 days! WOW!!! It's going by fast! I am so blessed that everything has gone well with the pregnancy! I do not deserve such a wonderful gift, but I have no problem accepting this one!!! Hope everyone's week is absolutely amazing!